Make A Custom Apple Watch And iPhone Charging Dock To Power Up In Style

In just one weekend, you can build this sharp-looking Apple Watch and iPhone 6 charging dock that will become the centrepiece of any desk or shelf. This video shows how it's done.

The Apple Watch charging stand leaves much to be desired and it's tough to find an iPhone 6 docking station that actually looks good. By building your own charging dock, you'll make your devices more visible and easily accessible. No more fumbling around for two different devices that are charging at separate outlets, or cluttering your desk with multiple ugly charging stands.

This charging dock is made of scrap black walnut from the lumberyard and a sheet of UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). A table saw and bandsaw are ideal for making your cuts, and some fine wood carving chisels make fine tuning the slot openings much easier. Watch the above video for full instructions.

Make a Custom Apple Watch Charging Stand [Mike and Lauren (YouTube)]


    Great until apple change the charging dock, or you upgrade your phone or watch.

      Would you complain about your $15 phone case not being compatible with future phones?

      True. Nothing is permanent, so we shouldn't ever have things that could possible become obsolete any time n the next half decade.

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