List All Installed Applications On A Mac With A Terminal Command

List All Installed Applications on a Mac with a Terminal Command

Mac: If you're getting ready to set up a new computer or you need to format an old one, it's useful to get a quick glimpse at everything you have installed so you can easily reinstall those apps later. OS X Daily shows how to do it with a Terminal command.

Open up Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and type in:

sudo find / -iname *.app

This will display all the apps you have on your computer. From there, you can copy and paste the results into a text file to make it easy to start anew. You can always just make your own custom bulk app installer too.

How to List All Applications on a Mac [OS X Daily]


    so from your home directory, that would be:
    sudo find / - iname *.app > installed_list.txt

    What about this on the command line?
    system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType
    You'll get a result like below for each app.


    Version: 6.0.5
    Obtained from: Mac App Store
    Last Modified: 6/09/2012 7:44 pm
    Kind: Intel
    64-Bit (Intel): No
    Signed by: Apple Mac OS Application Signing, Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority, Apple Root CA
    Location: /Applications/
    Get Info String: GarageBand 6.0.5 (428.5), Copyright © 2012 by Apple Inc.

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