Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts
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You wanted insights on the versions of Windows 10 plus what it didn’t include, the most power-hungry Android apps and the truth about what happens when meat pies and pizzas collide. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. The 10 Worst Android Apps For Draining Your Smartphone’s Battery
    AVG’s latest Android App Report has named and shamed the biggest battery hogs on the Android market, with the Telstra app proving to be the worst offender in Australia. If your phone is constantly running out of juice, here are the apps you need to use sparingly or completely uninstall.
  2. Which Version Of Windows 10 Will You Get With Your Free Upgrade?
    So we know Windows 10 is out on July 29 and we also know that many Windows users will get a free upgrade. But which of the seven different versions will you get? This chart breaks it down.
  3. Taste Test: Pizza Hut’s Four’N Twenty Meat Pie Pizza
    The Four’N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza is the latest fast food mash-up to slither out of Pizza Hut’s nefarious lab. As its name implies, each slice of pizza has a Four’N Twenty party pie nestled in its crust. This week, we invited our co-workers to sample this unholy union of foodstuffs. Here are their verdicts.
  4. Microsoft Edge Has One Big Disadvantage In The Browser Wars
    Microsoft Edge, the new browser Microsoft is rolling out for Windows 10, has generally been well-received. But there’s a simple reason why it will take a long time before it really competes with its browser rivals.
  5. How To Use Evernote More Effectively In Your Small Business
    Evernote is a powerful app for capturing notes and ideas — and that means it can make a big difference to your small business if you use it effectively. Here’s what you need to know.
  6. 4 Myths About Hydration That Refuse To Die
    As Derek Zoolander wisely put it, wetness is the essence of life. Whether you like drinking water or not, it accounts for about 60% of your body weight, and plays a pretty darn important role in making sure your body functions normally. But statistics aside, there are a couple of myths about hydration that refuse to die.
  7. What Shopping At Woolworths, Coles And ALDI Actually Costs
    We’re constantly bombarded with advertising for supermarket specials, but is any one chain consistently cheaper than the others? A new investigation by consumer advocate CHOICE suggests not — and highlights again how much more we pay for brand-name goods rather than house brand alternatives.
  8. The Adult’s Guide To Losing Your Virginity [NSFW]
    Not all of us lose our virginities at age 16 in the back of an old Camry. If you’re still a virgin later in life, it can feel like you’re the last person on earth who hasn’t had sex, but you aren’t alone. Whether you’re waiting for your wedding or just haven’t found the right person, here’s what you should know about losing your virginity as an adult.
  9. Microsoft Releases List Of Features Dropped From Windows 10
    Windows 10 is fast approaching and while there’s no immediately need to upgrade from 8.1, or even 7, odds are you’ll want to make the jump eventually. Before you do, you’d best check out the Windows 10 “feature deprecation section”, to make sure your favourite features aren’t being cut from the latest release.
  10. What’s The Median Price For A House In Australia?
    Buying your first home is always challenging, and rising prices don’t make it any easier. Here are the median prices for a house or a unit in Australia’s capital cities right now, according to the CoreLogic RP Data Hedonic Home Value Index.