Kmart Is Selling 1500-Piece LEGO Sets For $79

Kmart Is Selling 1500-Piece LEGO Sets For $79

It’s easy to be swayed by all the more complicated LEGO sets when shopping for a children’s gift, but there’s something to be said for grabbing a bunch of LEGO bits and relying on the imagination for enjoyment. If you’re not keen on Star Wars or other branded kits, this 1500-piece pack from Kmart is on sale for $79.

Spotted in Kmart’s catalogue by OzBargain user “tonester”, you’ll have to wander into your local shop to take advantage of this deal, as it’s only offered in-store. With 1500 pieces in 39 colours, there’s plenty of variety for even the most creative of kids.

It does come with some miscellaneous parts, such as wheels, window frames and the like, but you might need to pick up a few other packs if your kids want to build, say, a scale version of the HMS Thunder Child.

Catalogues — Kmart [Kmart, via OzBargain]


  • That’s pretty spectacular. Bulk building pieces are always good. My kid wants to build a ‘lego town’, but he needs bits like this. Will definitely be picking up 1 – 2 sets of this!

    • It’s $10 off RRP so it’s pretty good but not spectacular. You might do better waiting for a 20% off store wide sale or going to Myer (also 20% off). There are also sites like which regularly offer discounts and free shipping for large purchases.

  • It’s good to see that they’re not just selling the kits based on a single design.

    There was a study not long ago that showed that people became LESS creative after building a LEGO kit according to the enclosed plan, which LifeHacker covered:

    I remember as a kid building semi-functional (if not very realistic) replicas of the Fiery Phoenix from Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman, including all the little enclosed vehicles. Loads of fun.

  • my little 3 yo girl loves playing with mega blocks and wooden stacking blocks, think i might jump in on this and give it to her for her next birthday.

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