iOS 8.4 Will Launch Early Wednesday Morning

The next update for iOS will hit Australian shores at 1am on Wednesday morning, just before the "official" launch of Apple Music.

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Apple Music is the headline feature for iOS 8.4, although you can expect it to also feature the usual run of bugfixes and language packs that every iOS upgrade includes. Apple music executive Ian Rogers inadvertently revealed the release time in a blog post that the official launch time for iOS 8.4 will be at 8am US Pacific time, which equates to 1am AEST on Wednesday.

Rogers' blog post has since been altered to remove the timing note, but it's a safe bet that when you wake up on Wednesday morning, there will be an iOS update to apply.

There will also presumably be Apple Music to enjoy, although Apple's cutting it mighty fine in terms of releasing local pricing details. When it was first announced at $US9.99/month, Apple stated that "local pricing will be available close to launch".

That's only two days away now, but Apple's yet to make any kind of statement with regards to Aussie pricing.

iOS 8.4 Launching at 8 AM Pacific Tuesday, Beats 1 Goes Live at 9 AM [MacRumors]


    I'll just update when I wake up on Wednesday. I don't see the need to stay awake for any updates.

    Presuming this will also bring another app that can't be deleted. Fantastic.

      Damn those first world problems...

        Yeah, nah. It's a useless app. Make it a donation app to ending global poverty. Third world solutions.

    it will be an updated version of the existing music app

    I don't know if it was reporting on Lifehacker/Gizmodo or not, but the Jailbreak for 8.3 was released last week:

    Don't upgrade your phone to 8.4 if you wish to Jailbreak.

    how about fixing the crappy camera quality of the 6 and 6 plus! the noise compression is way too high and pics look terrible with no detail!

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