How Did You Successfully Negotiate Your Salary?

How Did You Successfully Negotiate Your Salary?

Some of us have a harder time negotiating than others, and it can be especially intimidating to negotiate salary. If you’ve done it successfully, tell us how.

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We’ve told you all about how to negotiate salary, even when you don’t have any experience. Now we want to know how it’s worked out for you. What methods did you use? What language did you use? Which tactics worked and which didn’t?

If you’ve ever negotiated your salary successfully, whether it was a starting salary or a raise, give us your tips and advice.


  • Starting salary. I asked for 30% higher than what I really wanted, and they counter-offered down to 10% higher than I really wanted. I hate negotiating salary, so I accepted.

  • I was almost at 12months with my current job so during my salary negotiations for my new role I stated I was close to a performance/salary review so did they have room to either increase salary now or do a 6month review.
    I got the increase.

  • Took the lead on a high-visibility project that no-one else wanted. It was one of those types where the actual work is simple but it gets padded out by higher ups who like to latch on for prestige. Halfway through a meeting to discuss some finer points, I casually mentioned I was looking at a position elsewhere. Had a 30% pay rise counter offer by the next day.

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