Google's Street View Goes Vertical

It's not precisely a street, but you can now scale Yosemite's El Capitan rock wall in Google Street View. It appears that the big G also has ambitions on Uluru.

Street View has been all sorts of interesting places, from the Great Barrier Reef to the inside of the TARDIS. You can add "up a cliff wall" to that list from today, with Google making "street" view scaling of the El Capitan rock face. As Google's Tommy Caldwell explains, the effort involved creating two different sets of views to create the simulation of being there.

Speaking of being there, it appears that a famous landmark a lot closer to home might be getting the Google Street View treatment fairly soon as well. A Reddit user trekking around Uluru spotted Street View cameras taking shots of the big red rock recently, which suggests that virtual Uluru will soon be within reach too.

Vertical Street View of the world’s most iconic rock wall: Yosemite’s El Capitan [Google]


    Uluru is sacred and shouldn't be climbed. Google will need to pay a bit of money to Elders to avoid a PR blunder.

      If it was so sacred, the elders wouldnt be selling out with a bit of money in their hands. Its either sacred and cant be climbed, or not.

        Kind of like the casino situation and the Navajo Indians I guess.

    El Capitan hey. Fancy that, the rock wall after which the next release of OS X is named after is being googlified. Apple-Google merger on the way? :P

    Tommy Caldwell is not "Google's". He, along with Lynn Hill and Alex Honnold are all accomplished professional climbers who were approached by Google to do this. Just sayin'

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