Give Kids A List Of Things They Have To Do Before Earning Screen Time

Give Kids A List Of Things They Have To Do Before Earning Screen Time

If your kids are anything like mine, the first thing they want to do when they get home from school or wake up in the morning is turn on something with a screen. Usually the computer with Minecraft on it. Keep them productive and also limit screen time with a must-do list.

Ann Kirby-Payne writes on her Narrowback Slacker blog how she stopped arguing with her kids about screen time and chores and taught them to prioritise their time: The List.

It’s a list of things they have to do every single day before they can glue themselves to the interwebs or go on a zombie-killing spree. They’re basic, essential things, such as doing homework, reading for at least 25 minutes, doing something creative or active for 45 minutes, making sure their rooms are tidy, and doing one chore from a list of chores. (Here’s a list of chores kids can do by age group.)

All those things done, Kirby-Payne’s kids get unlimited screen time. On school nights, after all the chores, this might just be half an hour, but the kids are less likely to complain because they earned their screen time.

How I limited screen time by giving my kids unlimited screen time [Narrowback Slacker via]


  • Also no screen time BEFORE a certain time after school regardless if whether they have done their chores.

  • I do this but also supervise their chores and make sure the jobs get done properly. The kids tend to rush their jobs in their eagerness to get to the screens.

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