Free Games Friday: Mean Girls, Slayin, Beast Quest

Free Games Friday: Mean Girls, Slayin, Beast Quest

The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week.

This is a hand-picked list of free apps we’ve noticed this week while assembling our regular App Deals roundup of new and discounted apps. We haven’t reviewed them and we don’t endorse them. As with the main App Deals column, apps can stop being free at a moment’s notice if they’re discounted, so grab them quickly if you’re interested.


Block City Wars
From the publisher’s description: “Welcome to the City! To the pixel world where the real war is going! Complete impossible missions, drive cars, parkour, destroy enemies or just do what you wanna do!”

Dude Perfect 2
From the publisher’s description: “Jump on trampolines, float on parachutes, break glass, and even blow stuff up!”

Bubble Frenzy
From the publisher’s description: “Bubble Frenzy is the best and addictive bubble shoot game in google play! Bring this popular shooting game that’s full of bubble blast mania fun to your phone now!”

Terminator Genisys Revolution
From the publisher’s description: “The year is 2028 and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Help John Connor in the war to save the human race in the official game of the new movie Terminator Genisys. Escape from the Skynet prison camp and fight the machines in this action-packed sci-fi shooter!”

City Bus Simulator 2015
From the publisher’s description: “It’s all aboard in the newest and most realistic public transportation bus driving simulation game ever found on the google play store! From the very first get go you are tasked to bring passengers safely from point A to B.”

Cryptogram Puzzles
From the publisher’s description: “Give your brain a workout! Test your skill deciphering the cryptograms. Passages are constructed from book titles, literary and historical quotes and proverbs and many more. Thousands of unique puzzles with more than a trillion code permutations.”

Glass to Glass
From the publisher’s description: “A simple, tough and addictive game is here! How many glasses can you pour?”

EA Sports UFC
From the publisher’s description: “Step into the Octagon® with EA SPORTS™ UFC® for mobile! Collect your favorite UFC fighters, throw down in competitive combat, and earn in-game rewards by playing live events tied to the real world of the UFC.”


Super Ox Wars
From the publisher’s description: “Continuing their ongoing mission to bring you the best arcade/retro gaming action on iOS, Llamasoft presents Super Ox Wars – classic vertical scrolling shooter action at its finest.”

Dr. Panda’s Postman
From the publisher’s description: “Take hold of the handlebars and get ready to ride in Dr. Panda’s Postman! Explore a world filled with mountains, houses, rivers, forests and more as you deliver mail to over 10 animals—all with their own unique personalities!”

Slingshot Racing
From the publisher’s description: “Slingshot Racing is an original racing game developed exclusively for iOS devices. Behold a beautiful steampunk environment with ice tracks, grappling hooks, snowmen and more!”

Draggy Dead
From the publisher’s description: “Guide the recently deceased to a fun filled life of Meat eating mayhem, be careful of the many traps and enemy’s which may lay ahead for your zombie horde. loot the many graves to unlock power-ups and culinary delights to become the number one grave robber this side of the Mississippi!”

Valiant Hearts
From the publisher’s description: “Immerse yourself in the touching story of four unsung heroes swept up by World War 1 in this unique interactive graphic novel that combines action, puzzles and adventure.”

From the publisher’s description: “Slayin will test your skills like no other endless game on the App Store. Don’t get yourself fooled by its charming retro graphics and motivating chiptune soundtrack. In this game, death lurks behind every corner!”

Mean Girls: The Game
From the publisher’s description: “Mean Girls the official game delivers an easy-to-play tiara defense title for all ages. Addictive and easy-to-play, Means Girls gives you the chance to select your favorite Mean Girls characters — Cady, Regina, Gretchen, Karen, Janis, Damian, Aaron, or Kevin G. – and fight off the new Plastics from piecing together the Spring Fling Tiara and taking over North Shore High School. “

Windows Phone

Beast Quest
From the publisher’s description: “An evil wizard has enchanted the magical Beasts of Avantia – only a true hero can free the Beasts and stop them from destroying the land. Are you the hero Avantia has been waiting for?”

Light Bender
From the publisher’s description: “It is a fascinating game where the player have to dodge very special obstacles. Indeed only you can avoid the danger by bending the ship’s light to go as far as possible.”

Fantasy Assault 3D
From the publisher’s description: “Travel in a fantasy world, and fight against swordsmen and magicians in this medieval battle. Dangerous enemies are waiting for you! Prove to be one of the best warriors in Fantasy Assault 3D! Try to prove your worthiness and stay alive.”

Dictator: Revolt
From the publisher’s description: “You must make wise and timely decisions, eliminate scheming enemies, pay tribute to true friends, deftly plot, expose conspiracies and, of course, diligently look after the welfare of your large and happy family.”

Fry It Game
From the publisher’s description: “Yummy!!! What could be more delicious than steak? Forget about vegetables, culinary plants and other vegetarian haulm! Be a real peasant with a real toad-in-the-hole with Fry It!”

Public Transport Simulator
From the publisher’s description: “Jump behind the steering wheel in this driving simulator. There are three different types of missions, depending on what type of vehicle you choose.”

Alcoholic Drink Recipes
From the publisher’s description: “Over 6,000 drink recipes to choose from! Choose and make up your favourite alcoholic drinks. For any drinks you have a particular taste for, make sure you select those as a Favourite using the menu bar.”

Xtreme Dirtz
From the publisher’s description: “Xtreme Dirtz… a game seriously not for beginners… it’s for real gamers. You have to be a true gamer to beat this one.”

Overkill 3
From the publisher’s description: “Step into the action of the audio-visual spectacle that is Overkill 3. Lead the Resistance into victory over the evil Faction forces and their brutal killing machines.”

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