Elevate Meat With Spoons If You Don't Have A Roasting Rack

Elevate Meat with Spoons If You Don't Have a Roasting Rack

If you don't own a roasting rack, use spoons instead to get the air circulation you want when roasting meats.

The photo above from Happysoil pretty much says it all. The spoons will keep the meat from sitting in its own juices (braising instead of roasting). I'm not sure if this will work with a very large cut of meat, but for smaller pieces, just alternate some spoons.

No roasting rack? No problem. [Happysoil via USA Today]


    I prefer to use slices of fruit like lemon or apples or veggies like carrots or onions, depending on the meat & flavour I'm going after.

      yeah or just cut up some potatoes

        That's the other method too. Plus you get nice meaty roast spuds!

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