Easy, Original And Afforable Gift Ideas When Time Is Of The Essence

A planned gift is best, but sometimes you just run out of time. Or perhaps you want to put together a present that has a more personal touch (and doesn't cost oodles to make). Apartment Therapy's Taryn Fiol Williford has compiled a great list of creative options to surprise friends and family, without expending gratuitous amount of time and resources.

Photo by Mary Costa Photography

From dinosaurs carrying love hearts, to printed flowers in a vase, you should find a project appropriate for both you and the person you're looking to impress.

My personal favourite is the hanging photo gallery from Studio DIY, though you'll need balloons, photos and string on hand, though none of these components are onerous to get a hold of.

Check out Williford's full post for more ideas. Even if none suit your specific needs, you should be able to adapt one of them to your situation.

Top photo by Evil Erin / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

10 Sweet Surprises You Can Pull Off at Home in 15 Minutes [Apartment Therapy]


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