Dress In Bright Clothes To Lull The Winter Blues

Dress In Bright Clothes To Lull The Winter Blues

As the days get shorter with less sunlight, our wardrobes shift to darker colours. Our moods often get a bit darker too. Cheer up a bit and wear bright colours instead of the typical greys and blacks.

Photo by TheUglySweaterShop.com

The Freelancers Union has some suggestions on ways to bring more light into your day. You can start with your wardrobe.

This very morning, a friend’s coral T-shirt caught my eye. When I complimented it, she said she’s wearing fun colours to combat all the lame weather. How brilliant is that? People, you are not obligated to limit your colour palette to the current season. Scientifically, bright colours are known to improve moods. Unscientifically, I’m always thrilled to see orange polka dots instead of another beige sweater.

We’ve talked about how colour influences mood before, so skipping dark colours in your wardrobe isn’t a huge stretch. It’s a simple and easy way to beat the monotony of the season.

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