Discreetly Organise Your Home Network Gear Inside A Custom Art Frame

Discreetly Organise Your Home Network Gear Inside a Custom Art Frame

If you're tired of the mess that your modems, routers and cables are making on your desk, this simple frame design offers a nice-looking alternative for better organisation. Better yet, it's easy to make it fit in with your existing decor.

Using some pegboard, some basic hardware and some wood for framing, Instructables user ghochman created an elegant hideaway for routers and other network accessories.

The front panel can be a painting on cloth canvas or even a framed poster that swings open to reveal the gear inside. Everything attaches to the pegboard, and the top is completely open to help with ventilation. Add some cord coverage panels and it will be like there's nothing there but a painting. While you're at it, get your entertainment center organised too.

Discreet Electronics Organiser [Instructables]


    Because all the cables hanging out looks great... And discreet.

      But imagine the art critics!

      "This piece represents the cables tied to our lives. Also it's the router."

      Totally. Such a great idea and then you look down at the cables. Would be simplicity itself to stealth them.

      And because the picture shown in the article is the only way to do the project. Anything else (such as unwrapping the cables) will lead to an instantaneous "didn't follow the instructions" explosion that will destroy half of your town.

      But seriously, you could create a "floating frame" with the power point behind it, or sit the box on a kitchen counter to neatly run the cables along a join. The possibilities are endless, don't let an Instructable tell you where to draw the line. That's why food packaging has "serving suggestion" written on them, because that's only one of a million ways to enjoy the food.

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