Cortana Beta Coming For Android In July

Microsoft's charge to place its Cortana voice assistant on every mobile OS marches merrily onwards, with news that a beta version of Cortana for Android will arrive in July.

As part of a blog post mostly discussing Cortana arriving on Xbox One, Microsoft's Marcus Ash also notes that it will hit Android in Beta form in July, to "test as a companion to Windows 10 PCs."

That most likely hints at a very late July release date for the beta, given that we know the official launch date for Windows 10 itself is July 29. There's no indication from Ash's post as to which Android versions or handsets Microsoft is targeting for the initial Cortana beta release at this stage.

Cortana Expands the Role of the Digital Personal Assistant by Coming to Xbox One [Windows]


    so it will be beta on someone else's OS before it's out of alpha on their own.
    ms sticking with their plan of killing Windows 10 Mobile from the bat then.

    Last edited 17/06/15 9:55 am

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