Build Your Own Linux-Powered TV Dongle

Build Your Own Linux-Powered TV Dongle

There are lots of ways to get Linux onto your TV. Node shows off how to build your own Linux-powered dongle that you can take with you anywhere.

The dongle is powered by an ODROID-W, a USB hub and Raspbian. You'll need some soldering skills to get everything hooked up, but once you're all done, you can connect it to any TV with an HDMI port, no extra cables required. It's not pretty, but since it's hidden behind the TV, it shouldn't really matter.

How to Create a Cheap Linux Dongle for Your TV [Node]


    is there is any chances to damage TV.

      Yes you will chances to damage all the TVs but only if you overrectify the flow inhibitor, or conversely, redux the involuntary tri-phase tranducer.

    it's cool but I would still just buy a pi over this

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