Build A Quality Backyard Lounge Chair For $40

Build a Quality Backyard Lounge Chair for $US40

Outdoor wooden furniture can be really expensive. If you want to save a bit of cash, you can build your own modern-styled lounge chair for around $40 in materials and a few basic power tools.

This project can be completed by DIYers of all skill levels. When finished, you'll have a chair as sturdy and good-looking as any you might buy, and if properly cared for it will last for years.

90% of the cost of this chair is in the wood, so depending on the prices in your area, the type of wood you use, and where you buy, it could cost between $30-$50 in timber. This chair was built using pressure-treated lumber which is completely weather resistant. Remaining hardware needed includes outdoor screws and lag bolts.

You'll also need a jigsaw, miter saw (or circular saw), and drill to build this chair. Check out the link below for a full set of assembly instructions and photos.

$40 Backyard Chair [Instructables]


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