Australian Apple Music Pricing: No, Not $9.99 A Month

Australian Apple Music Pricing: No, Not $9.99 A Month

As expected, Apple used its annual WWDC developer event to officially launch Apple Music, its Spotify/Pandora knock-off subscription music service. And while that service will cost $US9.99 a month (with a three-month free trial) in the US, that price won’t translate across to Australia.

Picture: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Apple’s Australian announcement release says only that Apple Music will launch on June 30, and that “local pricing will be available closer to launch”. A likely price point is $11.99 a month, which accounts for exchange and tax differences — and would make Apple Music the same price locally as Spotify, which dominates in this space. (Apple isn’t offering a free tier.)

At launch, Apple Music — which includes a streaming radio service, Beats 1, and Apple Connect, a social network for music which sounds a lot like Ping, Apple’s previous failed attempt in that space — will run on iOS, Mac and Windows. We’re promised Android and Apple TV later in the year.


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