Australian Apple Music Pricing: No, Not $9.99 A Month

Australian Apple Music Pricing: No, Not $9.99 A Month

As expected, Apple used its annual WWDC developer event to officially launch Apple Music, its Spotify/Pandora knock-off subscription music service. And while that service will cost $US9.99 a month (with a three-month free trial) in the US, that price won’t translate across to Australia.

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Apple’s Australian announcement release says only that Apple Music will launch on June 30, and that “local pricing will be available closer to launch”. A likely price point is $11.99 a month, which accounts for exchange and tax differences — and would make Apple Music the same price locally as Spotify, which dominates in this space. (Apple isn’t offering a free tier.)

At launch, Apple Music — which includes a streaming radio service, Beats 1, and Apple Connect, a social network for music which sounds a lot like Ping, Apple’s previous failed attempt in that space — will run on iOS, Mac and Windows. We’re promised Android and Apple TV later in the year.


  • I’m guessing for Australian pricing: $15/m for single user, $25/m for a family.

  • I expect $12.99 a month, not including GST since I don’t think the digital goods tax has been passed yet. With GST it will be around $14.50

    • Apple has been charging GST on purchases since iTunes launched in Australia. As they have an Australian arm, they are free to do so, and obviously think it’s the wisest thing from a PR perspective.

  • They wont let it be any higher than Spotify so it’ll be either the same price or slightly lower.
    Whatever, with our download limits it’s pretty much useless anyway.

  • Apple Music popped up when 8.4 beta 4 put on iPhone and provided options to select Single $11.99 and Family $17.99 in Australia

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