At Last, There Is A Taco Emoji

At Last, There Is A Taco Emoji

Ever felt there was an emotion that you could only express in the form of a taco? The folks behind Unicode apparently have.

Unicode Version 8.0 introduces a grand total of 41 new emoji, ranging from a robot face to a taco, taking in religious iconography and cricket along the way. For some people, of course, cricket is a form of religious iconography.

Unicode 8.0 isn’t solely Emoji focused, however. It also adds new ideographs for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages, and a total of 7,716 new characters.

Not that you’ll be using Taco emoji immediately. While the Unicode standard can be adopted by any given manufacturer, it needs to be specifically implemented, which means it’ll be a version or two of Android or iOS before you’re ready to tell the world how genuinely crunchy you are.

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