Apple Music Launches Tomorrow (But We Still Don’t Know How Much It’ll Cost)

Apple Music Launches Tomorrow (But We Still Don’t Know How Much It’ll Cost)

Apple Music is set to launch tomorrow with exclusives on content from Taylor Swift and Dr Dre, but the picture in terms of Australian pricing is murky.

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In the US, Apple Music will cost $US9.99 per month for a single user, or $US14.99 for a six-person “family” pack, and that’s been known since the service was announced. At the time, Apple simply stated that “local pricing will be available closer to launch”.

Launch is tomorrow, and as I’m writing this, Apple Australia hasn’t said anything official about that local pricing.

So what does that mean? It seems likely, given that everything Apple Australia does is very tightly run through Cupertino first, that Apple Music pricing won’t emerge until tomorrow morning, when Apple Music itself launches. At a guess, expect to pay around $14 for that entry tier, taking the Australian dollar and the need to apply GST into consideration, and perhaps around $22-$25 for the family pack, but that’s sheer guesswork.

If you’re remarkably keen, Apple’s generally turned a blind eye to accessing the US store with a US account, so you could always sign up there if there is some last minute hitch with launching the Australian service, or if the final prices do come in at an unreasonably high level.


  • I had the pricing pop up in the beta once – I can’t remember exactly the price, but it was about $12AU and $17AU from memory (Could have been $12.99 and $17.99).

  • I have confirmed the Australian pricing from the iOS 8.4 beta. A splash screen appeared asking if I wanted to sign up. Obviously it did not work at the time.

    Individual: $11.99
    Family: $17.99

    This actually ends up very similar to US price! Hopefully this is correct info in the beta and Apple has not made a last minute change.

  • I doubt we will see pricing till we get close to the end of the free three month trial. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s $11.99AUD for single plan and $17.99AUD for the family plan.

    • They will have to announce the pricing before that. Presumably they want you to enter into an agreement for the free trial that would see you being billed automatically after the trial wears off. That’s a quick and easy way to get customers that will forget about it, and they cant let you enter into an agreement without a price tag first

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