Vodafone Doubles Data Allowances On Its Red Plans

Vodafone has doubled the amount of data offered on its Red mobile plans for new customers, with both contract and month-to-month plans seeing an increase. Here's what's being offered now.

The increases apply to both consumer and business Red plans. Here's what's changing:

Plan Old data New data
$50 24-month 4GB 8GB
$65 24-month 6GB 12GB
$80 24-month 4GB 8GB
$100 24-month 6GB 12GB
$130 24-month Business 10GB 20GB
$60 month-to-month 4GB 8GB
$80 month-to-month 6GB 12GB
$60 12-month Business 4GB 8GB
$80 12-month Business 6GB 12GB

The existing "data workout" offer, where there is effectively no data limit for the first two months of a 24-month contract plan, remains in place, as do Red's other features such as $5 a day for international roaming and your choice of a Stan, Spotify or Fairfax subscription. If you buy a 24-month plan online, you'll also receive an additional 1GB each month.

We've already seen increases in data allowances from Telstra and Optus this year. From that perspective, Vodafone's increased offer was a necessary competitive step.

12GB on a $100 plan puts Vodafone ahead of both Optus and Telstra, who max out at 10GB on their top-priced plans. Right now, Vodafone says this offer will only run until August 18th, but given the competitive landscape right now, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it extended beyond that.


    Where or when is this happening? There is nothing on their website nor social media to this.

    Also I'm on a $50 RED plan and only have 3GB of data.

      It's only for new customers. Though I feel that these new data caps should be for all across the bored. I'm on 4gb on the $80 red 12 month plan.

        If its just for new customers...how can there be an "Old Data" *confused*

          Because it's what the data was before the promotion.

            I was on their $50 red month to month with 3gb data. Called them up and told them I want to go onto the new $60 month to month with 8gb data and they switch it for me.

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