Use Hazel To Automatically Sort Photos By Location

Use Hazel to Automatically Sort Photos by Location

Hazel is already great way to automate cleaning up your Mac, and it's also great for photo organisation. Blogger Jacob Salmela shares a script to sort photos you upload to Dropbox into location-based directories.

Dropbox's auto photo upload feature is great, but it just dumps all your photos into a single directory. Salmela's script sorts those photos by location and into separate directories. If you're sick of using photo management apps, but like the location-based organisation that usually comes with them, this script makes it a heck of lot easier to organise photos. Head over to Salmela's site for the full guide.

Automatically Sort Dropbox Camera Uploads Based on Their Geographic Data [Jacob Salmela]


    More importantly, is there a PC version of something like this?

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