Use Breadcrumbs As A Last-Minute Substitute For Cheese

Use Breadcrumbs As A Last-Minute Substitute For Cheese

You’re putting the finishing touches on your pasta dinner only to realise you don’t have any cheese. Don’t worry, you can get a similar nutty, salty accent to top your dish by toasting a few breadcrumbs with olive oil and salt.

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The taste obviously won’t be exactly the same as freshly grated parmesan cheese, but you can still enjoy your meal with the salty, savoury crunch that breadcrumbs provide. If you’re already familiar with this substitute, Food52 suggests you step up the flavour by adding dried herbs, anchovies or garlic to the oil you toast the breadcrumbs with. Next time you run out of parmesan — or just can’t afford it — try using breadcrumbs (or making your own) instead.

The Poor Man’s Parmesan [Food52]


  • I’ve had this before. It’s nice, but I’d view it as an alternative, not a substitute.

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