Use An IKEA Box As A Foldable Laptop Hood For Outdoor Use

Use an IKEA Box as a Foldable Laptop Hood for Outdoor Use

If you've ever worked outdoors with your laptop, you know how critical it is to get some shade for your screen so you can actually see it. Instead of buying a laptop visor, pick up an IKEA storage box for $5 to serve as your laptop's foldable shade.

DIY Photography posted this tip from photographer Paul Adshead. You don't even have to do anything to the Drona box — just unfold and stick a laptop up to 15-inches in there.

I have this box in my laundry; it's pretty sturdy and folds flat. Whether you're a photographer working on location with your laptop or otherwise need to work in the sun for a bit, this is an inexpensive solution.

IKEA Hack — A $5.99 Foldable Laptop and Monitor Hood [DIY Photography]


    effin genius!

    Love it! I'm on my way to Ikea now.

    Bonus - also adds privacy to your work.

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