Turn A Jar Of Mayo Into The Perfect Hiding Place For Your Valuables

Thieves like to get in and get out of your home as fast as possible. This DIY hideaway for your valuables sits in one of the last places they might look: your fridge.

When a burglar goes rummaging through your home, they probably aren't going to spend time digging through your food. That's why this custom jar safe from YouTuber Grant Thompson — The King of Random — is perfect for hiding your cash or other small valuables.

Take an empty mayo jar, paint the inside to match the colour of its original contents, and you're all set. You can even create a false bottom and make it look like the jar is actually filled. There are a lot of great places to hide things in your home, so there's no reason to keep your stuff out in the open for thieves to see.

How to Make a Miracle Safe [YouTube]


    Came here to comment tangentially about how Kraft have recently rebranded Miracle Whip as "Mayo", and it really threw me off at the supermarket.

    You can also do this with the butter when you use the last bit. Leave a couple of dollars so someone else is your family can go buy some.

    ...until a housemate throws it in the garbage whilst cleaning the fridge, as the used by date indicated that the contents of the jar had undergone a truly dubious metamorphosis.

    Thanks to my drug dealing upbringing I have money stashed all through my house, my wife likes to joke that we have the only house that you can find a few thousand dollars just by doing a quick clean.........I've never thought of doing this though.

    No one remembers the one about burglars leaving a nasty deposit in your mayo jar to rub salt into the wound?
    I always heard replace your toothbrush and mayo after a break-in.

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