TPG's New Mobile Plan Offers 6GB Of Data For $45

TPG has just updated its mobile plans, with a $45 a month no-contract plan that includes unlimited calls and texts to Australians numbers and 6GB of data. How does that stack up against its competition?

Picture: Google Maps

TPG uses the Optus 4G network, so the most obvious point of comparison is with other Optus providers. Amaysim's similarly-priced plan has slightly less data, with 5GB on offer. Optus itself only gives you 3GB for $45 (with an extra 1GB if you buy online). So on the pure data front, TPG wins out.

One clause to note though: you have to pay a $20 fee for your SIM and $20 as a "prepayment" to cover any calls that aren't free. TPG also doesn't enjoy a particularly sterling reputation for customer service, so you might want to factor that in.

TPG [via OzBargain]


    I think the best thing about this article is the horrible stock image of TPG's offices.

      It's a Google Street View screen shot, which ramps up the horribility (not a word) even more!

    I was happy to see TPG bring on some 4G plans, but the lack of international calling on the upper tier plans left me unmotivated to move. I'm on a grandfathered old plan that included the international calling (which I use frequently). So it's a trade off... data speed vs. call flexibility. Right now I don't have an overwhelming need for 4G so I'll stay.

    The international calling is offered as part of the $500 call credit on the lower two plans, but as soon as you toss in "unlimited" calling - things get fuzzy.

    I am on TPG and have always found their customer service to be quite good. Been with them for about two years now.

    Yeah, I've been with them for four years now and can't complain. They even contacted me to let me know that there was a cheaper plan that might suit my needs better.

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