This Video Breaks Down The War On Fat (And Why You Need Fat In Your Diet)

Dietary fat doesn’t make you fat — we’ve established this before. There are good fats and bad fats, despite what product labels and low-fat marketing would have you believe. If you’re still confused, this video helps explain the differences and how dietary advice on fat went wrong.

No one could blame you if you’re just getting up to speed on the latest advisories and research around dietary fat — especially saturated fats — and feeling a little whiplash compared to just a few years ago. The key is to differentiate between “good” fats, the ones that the body uses to stay running, and the “bad” fats, or the ones that your body clings to for dear life and adds to your waistline.

The video above, from Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, is about five minutes long, but it goes into detail about the various types of fat, why even the “bad” fat isn’t specifically “bad” for you (and shouldn’t be demonised) and how to moderate your diet to get as much of the healthy stuff as you need without going crazy and inadvertently eating a super-high calorie diet (which will make you fat, no matter what.) Click play on the video above to see the whole thing, or read more at the link below.

Fat Facts [IAmAlphaM]

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