Stay Safe And Avoid Damaging Your Lawnmower By Walking The Route First

Stay Safe And Avoid Damaging Your Lawnmower By Walking The Route First

Rocks, toys and sticks can wreak havoc on your lawnmower’s blades, and can also be a danger to you. Taking some time to check the lawnmower’s path will save you a lot of trouble.

Photo by Andrew Fogg

While it might seem obvious that you shouldn’t run over things with your lawnmower, small objects can end up well hidden in longer grass. Ed Perratore at Consumer Reports suggests you walk about without your mower to scope out the exact path you’ll be going over. Small objects can become projectiles when they get hit with a lawnmower blade, and you don’t want anything flying at you or your family.

This is especially important if you haven’t mowed in a while, or if you are using your mower to cut down taller weeds or grass. Make sure you’re using the right type of mower for the job, and always take the extra time to be safe.

5 ways to stay safe when mowing the lawn [Consumer Reports]


  • This is not a life hack in the slightest. This is a basic life skill for anyone who has mown a lawn more than twice in their life.

    • Tomorrow we’ll see a riveting article on how to stay safe driving, by not drinking and driving….

      • but yet, 100’s still do it and get caught daily.
        Sometimes we need a friendly reminder to not be total d!#ks to other people and to be respectful.

        …Well that is the unfortunate part I guess, that some need reminding

    • My dad does this for a living, but he has smashed a window or two from the stray rocks on the ground when mowing over grown grass/weeds at people’s houses.

  • What’s the fun in that, my kids know that I don’t pick up any toys left in the yard any more, they go straight under the mower! Lego is the best!

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