Secure And Protect Furniture Drawers For Moving With Plastic Wrap

When you're moving a dresser or entertainment unit, the last thing you want is for those drawers to go flying open. A little plastic wrap can keep those drawers from opening and help protect the wood.

Drawers can be valuable packing space, and this video from YouTuber DaveHax shows how to get the most out of them. Before you pack the drawers full of stuff, take off the handle and place it inside so there's a nice, flat surface on the outside. Make a simple drawer pull with a piece of tape so you can open it up again, and then wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap. The drawers won't fly open when you're ready to move and the plastic might just save your furniture from a few nicks and scrapes.

Moving Home Hacks [YouTube]


    Plastic wrap or even old newspapers and cardboards can help, too, in securing your items in boxes. When doing house or office removals, it is good to identify the items that are breakable and need some care when moving. It is not enough to just put them in boxes. Better plan in securing these in boxes and there are many ways on how to secure them with plastic wraps. Pinterest is an excellent resource in finding such DIY ideas.

    Yes, that's great advice with regards to using empty drawers to pack full of other smaller items that you need to move. Whenever possible use large removals blankets (moving blankets - $10 from Bunnings) and try to load the large furniture items with drawers against the truck side wall or rear wall with the drawers/doors facing the wall. Once roped in, this will prevent the drawers and doors from swinging open. I learnt this from good advice from Croker Removals in Canberra last year, when they helped us move our home belongings interstate.

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