Roast Cauliflower Leaves Instead Of Letting Them Go To Waste

Roast Cauliflower Leaves Instead of Letting Them Go to Waste

You always want to get everything you can from your ingredients. Try roasting the cauliflower leaves that come with the head rather than throwing them away.

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You'll end up with tasty greens that you can eat with the cauliflower florets, toss in a warm salad, or eat on their own like chips. You can even roast them with the florets for maximum efficiency. For details on how to best cook them, check out the full post linked below.

Why You Shouldn't Throw Away Cauliflower Leaves [The Kitchn]


    WARNING: Not all leaves from edible vegetables and other plants are edible themselves.

    Make sure to research prior to saving food waste - or you may be the next thing that goes in the bin.

      What comes to mind is Rhubarb leaves which are poisonous.

        A quick search shows numerous problematic food stuffs - perhaps the writers at LH could do a 'Watch Out - Killer Foods!' article...?

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