Ring Me After You've Been Put Through The Wringer

It's not pleasant to be put through the wringer, a common metaphor for a draining experience. It's also not pleasant to see that spelled incorrectly as put through the ringer.

Picture: Getty Images/Fox Photos

The wringer in question is a mangle: essentially a pair of hand-operated rollers which wet laundry could be pushed through to squeeze out the excess water. Before the widespread user of clothes dryers, wringing your clothes through a mangle was the only option for speeding up drying (other than relying on the sun).

Wringers are largely unknown now, but that doesn't mean that using the more frequently-encountered ringer is correct. Ringers belong with phones, not with laundry equipment. So learn the right version and use it. Accuracy matters. Hat tip: KiloOscarZulu

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    I remember being shoulder deep in one of the powered versions of these as a kid, no wonder i have issues......

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