Presto Adds A Lot More TV Content Via Seven

Presto Adds A Lot More TV Content Via Seven
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Presto’s strength in streaming has long been its movies, but equally its TV offerings have been somewhat meagre. That’s set to change with the approval of its joint venture deal with Seven West Media.

The deal’s been on the cards for quite some time now (hence this year’s launch), but it was pending ACCC approval for the joint venture, which sees Presto TV Pty Ltd become a 50/50 partnership between Foxtel and Seven West Media. Which is fine when you’re looking at the financial pages, but what does that do to Presto’s overall content picture?

The most recent figures derived relating to Presto’s TV offerings suggested that they had around 2448 hours of streaming TV available back in April. Today’s announcement is a little thin on detail beyond touting Aquarius as a “first on Presto” Australian exclusive, but it does state that

Upon commencement of the JV, Presto’s content offering will consist of 4443 TV episodes available across 254 show titles with Presto Movies offering 879 movie titles, or more than 5000 hours of content.

Back in April, streaming search App Glyde reckoned that Presto’s combined offering totalled just over 4000 hours of streaming, which, depending on how you read “more than” could mean that the Seven West offerings might only add up to an additional thousand hours of streaming. That would also presume no new movies had been added, which seems unlikely.

Equally, hours of streaming isn’t the be-all and end-all of assessing the quality of a streaming service, because having a range of titles is also important to keep you watching. If all that’s being added is, say, two thousand episodes of Home and Away, will that be enough to entice you?

Meanwhile, it’s also being touted that Presto will switch on HD services for Quickflix subscribers, according to Televised Revolution. Last week, Quickflix announced plans to use Presto for its all-you-can-eat streaming options, rather than its own (more limited) range of content.


  • Unless the announcement is “We support Linux” or “We have a Kodi plugin”, I find it hard to get excited….

    • I don’t know of any that support Linux but you can get Netflix working by installing Netflix Desktop which is a Firefox browser and Silverlight running in wine.

    • I’m sure the five people that use Linux including yourself, can survive, or you use one of the many platforms like Windows, Mac or Android and iOS apps via the device or stream via Chromecast? Are you really sooking because they don’t support such a minnow OS?

  • No Galaxy Tab 4 support is the deal killer for me. Why only support some tablets – Tab 3 and Tab S, and I think it doesn’t supported Rooted tablets at all.

    • I use it on my Galaxy Tab 4 all the time. Even on my Asus ME70C and Acer A1-840. No problems at all, don’t know what’s wrong with your app.

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