Power Blackouts Becoming More Frequent In Australia

Power Blackouts Becoming More Frequent In Australia
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Blackouts in Australia are on the rise. A compilation of outage reports by industrial manufacturer Eaton found that in 2014 there were 201 power outages across Australia and New Zealand, up from 162 the previous year.

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The main causes of blackouts remain severe weather and trees, followed by human error.

The average length of an outage is 40 minutes — so if you’re hosting business-critical systems, make sure you have a backup power plan.

You can check out details of individual incidents at the link below.

Eaton Blackout Tracker


  • But isn’t one of the main reasons we’re paying ever increasing electricity bills because of the infrastructure upgrades that are being done?

  • Yes. But how do you do maintenance on 30 year old protection equipment that has to run 24/7 otherwise the customer will melt down?

    These super old electronic equipment will all be run to fail and they invariably will start all failing. Not much we can do about maintenance failures.

    Source: I’m an electrical engineer at a powerhouse.

  • It should be noted that the “industrial manufacturer” Eaton could also have been referred to as the “UPS manufacturer” Eaton so not really an impartial study.

    As for the number of outages, 201 in our TWO ENTIRE COUNTRIES in a whole year and you think that is bad? I think that is excellent considering almost half were nature at work.

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