More Proof You're Unlikely To Get Rich From Apps

Another reminder that it's hard to make money from apps: an app which made the Mac App Store Top 10 still pulled in just $US302 on its first day.

Developer Sam Soffes disclosed the first-day sales for his app Redacted. Despite reaching #8 in the Top Paid Apps category on iTunes, Soffes sold just 94 copies (and seven of those were promo codes) and made a total of $US302.

There are plenty of caveats here: presumably Soffes will continue to make money, the publicity around the lack of sales might actually be good promotion, Mac apps are very unlikely to sell at the level of an Android or iOS app, and the app doesn't have any in-app purchases, which are the biggest source of revenue for most developers. Nonetheless, it's a reminder that if you're building an app, you shouldn't assume you'll get rich.

Redacted for Mac launch [Sam Soffes via Business Insider]


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