Convert Any Case Of Beer Into A Self-Contained Esky

There's no need to bring beer and a cooler to your picnic. With a few modifications, you can turn the box of any case of beer into a simple ice chest.

If you're trying to save packing space — or just forgot to bring the cooler — YouTuber DaveHax demonstrates a perfect alternative in this video. Cut open the top of the box to make a lid, pull all of the beer out, line it with a plastic bag, and put the beer back in. Now just add plenty of ice and your beer will stay nice and cool for hours. No extra equipment needed.

Cold Beer - Simple Cool Box Life Hack [YouTube]


    We must be becoming a species of total idiots if this is considered an amazing discovery and important lifehack

    Well, it is for most beer drinkers...

    The other fun bit with this concept will be watching them trying to work out where to get a plastic bag big enough to fit the bottles into - not many bottle shops/booze outlets sell garbage bags.

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