Microsoft Will Take Control Of Windows 10 Mobile Updates

Microsoft Will Take Control Of Windows 10 Mobile Updates

Microsoft plans to take charge when it comes to Windows 10 Mobile updates, rather than waiting on carriers to offer upgrades.

Microsoft has a lot of different versions of Windows 10 incoming, and in the case of the desktop and tablet products, it’s rather firmly in control of when upgrades will land. But what about the upgrade to Windows Phone, now known as Windows 10 Mobile?

In a post on the Microsoft Ignite Blog, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson laid out Microsoft’s plans quite clearly, stating that Windows 10 would have a “continuous update” process, rather than regular patches. Which you might expect for the desktop/tablet products, but this also, apparently applies to Windows 10 Mobile as well, with Myerson explicitly stating that “this continuous update process applies to all Windows 10 devices, including phones”.

ZDNet reached out to Microsoft for clarification, and it appears that Microsoft’s plan is for carriers to gain access to early upgrade builds prior to deployment, but that the final delivery of upgrades will come from within Redmond’s halls, not those of the telcos.

Microsoft has been down this path before. Back when it flipped from Windows Mobile 6.5 to Windows Phone, it was adamant that, like Apple’s approach to iOS, it and not the carriers would control the pace of and delivery of upgrades. That clearly didn’t happen, so it will be fascinating who actually ends up in control of future Windows 10 Mobile upgrades.

Microsoft says it’s taking over updates for Windows 10 Mobile devices [ZDNet]


  • Seems to me this is partly tied to the amount of crapware on the phone. Not having recent experience of Microsoft’s phone software, do you end up with lots of carrier or vendor specific stuff on the phone?
    iOS presents an interface clean of carrier specific crap. If Windows phones have lots of this, this can be one reason updates don’t get released.

    • I think the Telstra 24×7 app was the only one pre-installed by Telstra. Vine, Facebook etc I think were all from MS not Telstra.
      I am on the Win 10 preview so I can’t really remember what was originally on my phone when I got it from Telstra last year.

    • It’s not because of crapware. There are some genuine issues such as the phone might need to work on 2G, 3G, 4G and maybe even CMDA (I think that’s the old one) so they do need to test these sort of things but I think this should be done at the start and never again unless the update make changes to the freq.

      Windows Phone don’t really have any crapware installed and if there is then you can remove them very quickly. I’ve never purchased a Windows Phone with any crapware on it.

  • Telstra have been known to block updates to Android devices on their networks, even if they phone was not bought from them. I asked the staff in a Telstra shop about this and I don’t think they believed me. Kept telling me to try on wifi.

  • The best way to avoid all the carrier crapware will still be the same as it’s been for years – don’t buy carrier-branded handsets.

  • Just checked my Lumia from Optus – not a single piece of Optus branded software on it, no Optus logo in the start-up or shut-down. Just a whole bunch of Nokia/Lumia and Microsoft apps on board, any of which I can uninstall if i so want..
    Crapware free!

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