Marinate Eggs In Soy Sauce To Upgrade Your Ramen Or Salads

Marinate Eggs in Soy Sauce to Upgrade Your Ramen or Salads

Meet your new weekly fridge addition: soy sauce eggs. This ramen shop staple requires just four ingredients and can turn boring salads or plain ramen into more flavourful meals.

Boil the eggs for exactly 6 minutes and 50 seconds, cool in an ice bath, then marinate for a few hours. The eggs will come out sweet and tangy, bursting with umami. You could make a whole batch good for the whole week.

(I don't know what happens if you boil the eggs for 6 minutes and 51 seconds or 6 minutes 40 seconds, but the recipe from Food 52 urges us to be precise if we want to get Momofuku-like results.)

The Genius Ramen Shop Staple That Will Make Your Lunches Better [Food 52]


    Egg boiling time is meaningless without initial conditions:

    Egg temp (fridge or room)
    Initial water temp (tap, pre-boiled)
    Time eggs go in (at the start, once water is boiling)

    Sounds like a simple task but I bet many an egg has come out squishy or tough due to vague instructions :P

      Egg Temp is room temp, place the eggs in the boiling water (initial water temp isn't a consideration), time starts from eggs going in the water.

      Last edited 18/05/15 9:46 am

    I would also suggest adding a few tablespoons of mirin with the soy sauce, it counteracts the saltiness of the soy sauce with a bit of sweetness.

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