Make Dishes Fresh And Sparkly With A Lemon Wedge In The Dishwasher

Make Dishes Fresh and Sparkly with a Lemon Wedge In the Dishwasher

Lemons have the power to remove rust from your knives and de-stink your garbage disposal. They can also make a load of dishes smell great and shine like they're brand new.

Photo by Cambria Bold

It's no secret that lemon juice combats odour and gets stuff clean, and Cambria Bold at The Kitchn found a way to easily harness that power in your dishwasher. Every time you do a load of dishes, stick a lemon wedge in the top rack on a skewer or in your cutlery stand. After a normal wash, you'll get a faint lemon scent and the tiny bit of citric acid left in the wedge will make everything look spotless.

You can even do this with a used lemon wedge if you have any left over from cooking or other tasks. Don't throw those leftover wedges out — throw them in the dishwasher!

A Genius Cleaning Tip [The Kitchn]


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