Make Airport Time More Productive By Boarding Your Plane Last

Make Airport Time More Productive By Boarding Your Plane Last

Time spent in airports doesn’t have to be a slog. If you’re looking to be more productive with that time, waiting to board your plane gives you more time to work.

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Fully boarding a plane takes time. Rather than standing in a queue, Shahariss Beh, the founder of HackerNest, recommends putting that time to good use instead:

ALWAYS be the LAST person to board the vehicle. That doesn’t mean showing up at the last minute. To the contrary — show up really early, sit down with your laptop, and get work done. When they call for boarding, stay seated. Only once you see the last person get checked in do you get up, pack your stuff, and head over.

One caveat: this works best if you’re only travelling with a single bag that you can keep under your seat — if you have a larger bag that needs to go overhead, you’ll struggle to find space. And if it’s a tactic you pursue regularly, try and get an aisle seat so you don’t cause disruption when you board.

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