Killer Interview Question: List Six Things That Make You Nervous

A strange and sneaky addition to the killer interview questions collection: list six things that make you nervous.

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This question is reportedly used at Google for support roles, and serves as a reminder that scoring a job at a top tier tech firm is not going to be an easy process. The fact that you're asked for "six things" means that saying "nothing makes me nervous" looks like you're simply dodging the question. At the same time, churning out a list of six random phobias isn't going to look too good either.

As with most interview questions, the challenge is to construct a narrative that links the question back to why you're a good candidate for the role in question. One obvious path is the "I'm sometimes nervous about taking on new tasks, but I deal with that by doing enough research to be confident".

How would you answer the question?

21 of the trickiest questions Google will ask you in a job interview [Business Insider]


    Yet another company that thinks a job interview is time for amusing amateur psychology. Amusing for them, but pointless, pointless for the candidate and disrespectful of their time.

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