Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Photo By Looking Up At The Camera


Your photo is one of the most prominent elements of your LinkedIn profile, so it's important to get it right if you're searching for a new role. One useful trick? Make sure you look up at the camera.

Selfie picture from Shutterstock

LinkedIn recently posted a guide to taking the perfect "work selfie" for your profile. All the hints are useful, but this one jumped out at us:

Look up at the camera — it is a more flattering angle because it emphasises your eyes and makes your face and neck seem smaller. Looking down on a camera is usually not as flattering for the exact opposite reason.

Hit the full post for more hints on how to upgrade your LinkedIn photo, and check out our guide to the best ways to use LinkedIn as well.

The LinkedIn Guide to the Perfect #WorkSelfie [Slideshare via Business Insider]


    Gee there are some shocker Linkedin photos. To think that people spend hours pouring over their application, only to upload a picture of themselves in a tux at a wedding. Use decent photos - not mugshots or pics of dimly lit smiles among Breezers.

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