How To Score A Private Jet At Airline Prices [Infographic]

How To Score A Private Jet At Airline Prices [Infographic]

The miracle of air travel quickly loses its lustre when you’re a frequent flyer — and that includes business flights. If you’re sick of dealing with the hustle and bustle of commercial airlines, perhaps a private jet is the way to go? Despite being a hallmark of cashed-up one percenters, it’s actually surprisingly affordable for canny passengers. This infographic explains how to maximise your savings.

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The below infographic was produced by Buddy Loans. Prices are based on the average cost of an empty leg flight compared to Qantas Business class. While you will definitely pay a bit more, the advantages of a private jet are numerous, including negotiable baggage limits, quicker security checks and fewer weather delays.

Now all you need is an insufferably arrogant attitude and a big-arse cigar to chomp on. Congratulations: your transformation into a business mogul is complete.

[Via Buddy Loans]


  • Any tips on similar sites that fly to/from Australia? One of those couldn’t even find Sydney on a map…

  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those weather delays don’t just target commercial flights. If the heavies are grounded, so are the private jets.

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