How To Order A Beer In 22 Non-English Speaking Countries [Infographic]

How To Order A Beer In 22 Non-English Speaking Countries [Infographic]

Beer is the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage by a significant margin. It’s one of the few drinks you can order in any pub on Earth — provided you can speak the language. This infographic from Cheapflights explains how to order a beer in 22 different countries complete with pronunciation instructions.

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Okay, so it’s not particularly difficult to order a beer without speaking the native tongue (most foreign bars are familiar with the English word and if not, you can just point to a nearby beer tap.) With that said, making an effort to speak the local language shows class and will doubtlessly impress your drinking buddies. Here’s how to do so in 22 beer-centric nations:

[Via Cheapflights]


  • ….and then the bartender asks back in their native tongue which beer you want and you have no idea what they just said.

    • If they pick up on your aussie accent, they’ll probably bring you a fosters *groan*

  • Let’s add Mandarin to the list.

    yī píng píjiǔ

    And you don’t have to worry about what type because they’ll bring you the cheapest local beer at that point.

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