How Do You Balance Work And Life?

How Do You Balance Work And Life?
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Finding the right balance between work and life is tricky. We’d like to hear how you do it.

Picture: Ben Smith

In a culture where long hours at work are the norm, finding time for living life outside of work can be a challenge. We’ve talked about how to stop working and go home at night and about how to master work-life integration. But we’d like to hear from you. What tips and techniques would you like to share for striking that balance?


  • A year ago, I was working 50-60 hrs a week, I was stressed and nearly lost my mind. I argued with everyone (home and work) and was generally depressed.

    I decided enough was enough I worked on a twelve month plan to change from stressed employee to working from home as a contractor my old company as my first client.

    It tales time, planning and sacrifice (cash and security) but it is possible in a lot of situations to move to being your own boss.

    I am currently earning about half of my salary vs before the change but I have all my time back. I am also speaking to another few companies about their needs and have a plan to get back to my income level in the next few months, all from home.

    I don’t ever want a 9-5 again.

  • I live in Australia and work in engineering.

    Short answer: I can’t.

    Long answer: I spend as much time as I can with my friends, partner and hobbies. I try to engage in hobbies that are either creative or active in order to work the mind as well as the body while enjoying my free time.
    Doing things like exercising becomes harder as there is less and less time in the week (yesterday I left home at 7:30 and came home at 7:30) but I try to run at least a couple of times a week.

  • I live a simple life with a low reliance for having to pay for it. That way I don’t have to work as much. It’s a numbers game. 99% of my happiness is based on being able to wake up each morning and being able to wipe my own bum. Everything else is a bonus.

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