How Did You Find Your Lost Pet?

How Did You Find Your Lost Pet?
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Losing a pet is a heartbreaking, scary experience. But the good news is a surprisingly high percentage of lost cats and dogs are recovered. If you found your lost pet, we want to know how you did it.


Most dogs and cats are now microchipped, which should make it a lot easier to find them should they stray from home. If you have experience with this, we want to know about it. If other options helped you find your pet, we want to know about those too. What did you try, and what worked best?


  • Mine was registered with the Council and so had a tag on her collar. The people who found her, simply called the Council and got my phone number, easy fix. 🙂

  • Our cat had got herself trapped in a neighbour’s garage. Must’ve been snooping where she didn’t belong when they locked it up for the weekend. She was in there for probably three days without food or water, apparently living off the insects.

    When the neighbours returned from their trip and opened it up, they said she ‘shot out like a lightning bolt’. They managed to retrieve her from her new hiding place on the patio by offering food and water, at which point she was scooped up in a blanket and returned to us.

  • It’s a bit better here than in France.

    My dog went missing and I spent a day driving around the countryside looking for him. About nine hours later when I was feeling very bleak, someone drove up with him, looking very battered and worn out.

    It turns out that they’d found him that morning, and taken him to our vet. The idiots there ignored the name on the collar, his micro-chip and his distinctive appearance. Despite several visits there (the last only a few weeks earlier), they claimed never to have seen him before.

    To cap that, he had been bitten multiply by ticks and had piroplasmosis which could be fatal within hours (he was already pissing blood). When I rushed him to the vet (no other close by), one of the idiots got upset that I hadn’t made an appointment.

  • Put up some posters; no photo just a description.
    Got a call a few days later saying it had been taken to the pound. Went and picked him up.

  • I had to buy my cat back from the RSPCA. He was taken to the RSPCA and they couldn’t locate his microchip. After a week in quarantine, he was put up for adoption. One day whilst on the phone to them to see if he’d been brought in that day (I called everyday), I found him on the website. I was more than happy to pay them for their trouble. I had spent everyday before this calling the RSPCA and local vets looking for him.

  • We live in a rural area. One day our cat just disappeared. 11 months later we got a call from a vet over 60km away – our cat had been brought in as a stray and they checked the microchip.
    He was a bit snarly for a couple of days but quickly got back to his usual cuddly self. Back for six months now and no signs of wanting to run away again, so we suspect he was stolen. For some reason there have been many claims of stolen cats and dogs in this area over the last year or two. Ours is not the only one to be returned after a prolonged absence.

  • After some idiots kicked a side fence in my jack russell did a Steve McQueen.
    Printed out pamphlets and dropped one in every letter box on the block. Got a call the following day by a couple on the next block who got my number not from the pamphlets, but a dog catcher who just so happened to be in the area and scanned my dog for my details.

    Moral of the story? Chip your animals.

  • Our Dog used to do the runner a few times. Always caught be friendly locals.
    On one occasion he managed to travel around 2kms, across some big Sydney roads.
    Extremely thankful he was never hit by a car.
    Name and number on tag. Always contacted as soon as he was caught.

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