Google Tone Shares Links With Everyone Within Earshot

Google Tone Shares Links With Everyone Within Earshot

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this. Chirp for Android and iOS works along a similar principle. In both cases, the services allow you to share a link with sound, which is handy when you’re presenting to an audience or sharing a link in a meeting.

Google Tone is designed with the browser in mind, so it’s much more likely to be useful in a setting where your audience has their laptops out, rather than just their phones.

Google Tone [Chrome Web Store via Google Research Blog]


  • I don’t know which social setting i can use this in. I wish they really worked on it to be used for classrooms and the lecturer constantly changes the webpages over the loudspeakers, but links-only is incomplete. Simply adding a chatroom and a generated chatroom-ID would really help this to be a back-and-forth conversational tool.

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