FlowHome Turns Your Android Home Screen Into A Useful, Personal Stream

Android: If you’re a little tired of your phone’s default launcher, FlowHome is an alternative that puts favourite apps a tap away. It also transforms your home screen into scrolling tiles of useful information, updates from inside your favourite apps, and its notifications come with as much information as they need to be useful.

FlowHome looks a bit like HTC Sense and Windows Phone had a little launcher baby, and while that may not sound appealing at the outset, seeing it in action makes things much clearer. The launcher takes your common apps and highlights content from in those apps right on your launch screen so you can tap and quickly go to a Twitter update, Facebook post, Instagram photo, Feedly article or whatever else interests you. It’s all constantly updated too, and new notifications get their own spaces at the top of your launch screen so you can see them, dismiss them or tap to open them up.

Of course, your app drawer is one swipe away to the right, and if you have lots of apps, a quick search built-in to the launcher will get you right to the one you want to open. Commonly used apps are hiding right under the Flow Home icon floating on the launcher screen in the bottom right corner. You can even customise the whole launcher with themes that you like, instead of sticking to the default layout.

Flow Home has been around for a while, but we’ve been trying it out recently and it’s come a long way. Your experience may vary (some reviewers at Google Play liked previous iterations more), but it’s completely free and definitely a refreshing way to interact with your phone. Hit the link below to try it out.

Flow Home (free) [Google Play via Flow Home]


  • Bout time someone took the awesome live tiles from window 8+ and windows phone 7 and brought them to mainstream.
    It the best part on windows phone and the reason I’m thinking of going back Why hasn’t this been done sooner?

  • Tried this once before, and again now, but honestly not much interest given it just gives feed from all the social media accounts I’m not interested in having…

  • It’s a good attempt but needs a bit of work before it could match HTC Sense for me. I couldn’t see any way to give weighting to the different services, meaning my screen is permanently full of twitter – and given that some of the people I follow are in the same areas of interest, a lot of these items are on the same subject too. Sense didn’t seem to flood the way this launcher does.

    It also needs a way to mute notifications from certain apps, e.g. Lastpass likes to notify me when it detects a login it can help me with, but that doesn’t mean I want that pasted on my homescreen.

    Edit: Folders in the app drawer are a must too

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