Flares Are Back In, So Wear Them With Flair

Flares Are Back In, So Wear Them With Flair
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Fashion cycles dictate that flares are “in” again. We’re not sure how we feel about this. What we are sure of is that you shouldn’t confuse flares and flairs.

Flares pictured from Stella McCartney

In this context, flares are jeans which became wider towards the ankle. You cannot call them flairs. That is simply wrong. Flair means (per the Macquarie Dictionary “elegance; stylishness”. There is no inflected form of flair.

Fashion choices can matter, but accuracy matters more.

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  • Im confused…. but Im also 35 so in the fashion world Im sure that’s normal. But didn’t the 90’s JUST come back in? Or were the 70’s ‘in’ in the 90’s and…….. dam it I’m confused!

    I JUST got Skinny Jeans!!!!!

    And another thing….. is there ever going to be NEW fashion? As it seems as if wejust circulate 70’s – 90’s now.

    I need to sit down.

    • The 90s never came back in, its scheduled revival is still marked for 2020-2025.

      The 70s look with fringe vests and bell bottoms never really left, just look at Coachella. People are just wearing them outside festivals now.

      is there ever going to be NEW fashion?

      ‘New fashion’ dictates new clothing categories, but all the big holes have been filled. Pre-war and antebellum styles are now considered ‘timeless,’ so yes, 70s-onward is being recycled because there have been no big developments in the last few decades. The last major, non-gimmick staple I can recall in menswear is probably the down jacket, everything else is just using new materials like technical fabrics in existing designs. Who knows, maybe we’ll loop back to tailcoats and corsets but I doubt it; people have generally settled on pragmatic designs and I don’t think they’re willing to go back.

    • If flares are back in, will the dreaded Safari Suits be far behind?Good God no, but I did love my super-sized Flares/Flairs, whatever dude.

  • I had the ones that would drown you if you went in the water, there was so much denim involved. 🙂

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