Don’t Hold On To An Unhealthy Relationship (With Your Printer)

Don’t Hold On To An Unhealthy Relationship (With Your Printer)

When you think about your printer, what word comes to mind?

If it’s the opposite of “efficient” (inadequate, incapable, incompetent, in my nightmares) — you really need to meet Max .

Canon’s new range of MAXIFY printers pack in a stack of features that make Max capable of transforming your disdain for printers into something akin to a love affair.

Max will save you those sweet cash dollars with 2,500 black and white pages printed on a single XL ink tank. Your energy bills will drop as well, since Max turns off when you leave the office.

But Max knows that something even more valuable than your money is your time. Cue the time slashing features!

You can connect to Max from any device in the office via Wi-Fi. You don’t even need to be in the office — you can be in the Bahamas with a Pina Colada for all Max cares — since the MAXIFY app will let you connect and print from anywhere with an internet connection.

Max copies both sides of your document in one go, and remember that ink that prints a colossal amount of pages before it runs out? It’s waterproof. You can highlight your work without fear of smudging words all over the place.

You won’t be wasting time trying to figure out a complex menu system either, since Max has a super easy to follow touch screen on board.

Max is your productive, powerful and economical comrade in the office.

You don’t need a laser you need a MAX. Meet Max: the inkjet printer made for small business. Meet Max Today!