Declutter Your Entire Home With This 8-Week Plan

Declutter Your Entire Home With This 8-Week Plan

Few of us have the time or energy to declutter our entire home in one go, but in 30 minutes or less every day over a month and a half? It just might be possible. This plan can help.

Stephanie of the Keeper of the Home blog offers a 40-day challenge for whole-house decluttering. She offers practical advice for cleaning out your home and suggests an area for decluttering each day, from your kitchen utensils drawer to your wardrobes.

The goal: find at least 10 items to donate, toss out, or save for a garage sale from each area. Clutter is such a mental and physical drain. Imagine how much lighter and better you’d feel with 400 or so items cleared out.

This is somewhat like The FlyLady‘s hand-holding/coaching for getting your house in order, but in easy checklist form.

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