Better Photos Can Sell Your Home Faster, For Thousands Of Dollars More

Better Photos Can Sell Your Home Faster, For Thousands Of Dollars More
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If you’re planning on selling a home soon, you might want to consider hiring a professional photographer or improving your photography skills. Doing so could be worth over $10,000.

Brokerage firm Redfin Corp looked at listings to compare those with professional photos versus amateur ones. It found that for homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million, photos taken with a DSLR sold for $3400 to $11,200 more relative to their list prices. They were also more likely to sell within six months and up to three weeks faster than the listings with amateur photos.

Although the analysis was done in 2013, it repeats a previous study the company had done in 2010 with similar results. It might sound obvious that better photos make your home look better, but it’s interesting to know just how much of a difference this one thing can make.

Look Sharp: Professional Listing Photos Sell For More Money – Research Center [Redfin via Apartment Therapy]


  • It’s the same for anything you’re going to see online or in print before you buy – if the photo isn’t good enough, the sale has already been lost, as no one want to have a closer look at something that looks pretty ordinary already.

    I’m looking at buying another second hand car, and it’s amazing how people have no idea how to take photos of the car they’re trying to sell – 20 images of just the outside from all different angles and nothing from the inside, or ridiculously poor lighting that you can’t see a thing… Sorry, buddy, I’m gonna pass yours up!

    Wanna sell something – take some half decent photos, and I might be interested.

  • They say a picture paints a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to selling your house online or offline. A good photo generates a good impression and stirs interest in your buyers. It gives them a peek of what your house is like, so it’s important to let your photos speak for you.

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